Accelerating Elite Driver Performance

The race isn’t about how we start, it’s about how we finish. The biggest battle a driver faces isn’t against their competition, it’s within themselves. And to finish strong a driver must strive to improve ones self in every aspect of the sport.

For me: that’s the difference between a good driver and a great driver. An athlete who is always pushing for more, regardless of being top or bottom of the time sheets. The one who can keep their cool while those around them lose theirs. One who sees success as a product of their entire preparation, not the result of one good day.

For every one elated winner, there will be twenty-or-so disappointed others in every race. So why follow the status quo? Why be just another driver who follows the same path that those before him have taken and failed? True value lies in going against the grain, by challenging the norm and through treading new ground.

For those that ask for more and think outside the box, let me present KOKORO – a paradigm shift for elite driver development. Our mission is to work with drivers to bring all the elements together, so when you arrive on the grid, success is an expectation, not a hope.

Kieren Clark
KOKORO – Founder

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