Performance Coaching

Kokoro’s coaches can be trusted for an unbiased opinion and set clear objectives for drivers to focus their energy on the things that matter.

Observing as an objective third party, we evaluate everything from the performance and attitude of the driver to the team’s dynamic and the influence of other personnel, car and competitor performance, and other factors that may be impacting the end result.

Dedicated to you

Our trackside performance coaches are solely there for the benefit of the driver, not only from a driver performance perspective but to work with the team to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the overall objective, which is the drivers performance as a professional driver.

Consistency in approach

All of the Kokoro Performance team are trained go through a specific training program to ensure there is consistency in our work.

Our coaches are reporting to the head coaches via the in house developed portal to ensure objectives are being achieved on the track.

Navigating the weekends

Motorsport at times can also be a very political environment and our coaches are trained on how to best navigate and manage these environments for the benefit of the client, working closely with the management team to allow the driver to have full focus on the task in hand.


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