Management covers all aspects that surround the preparation, development, planning and execution of being a racing driver, including:

Career Planning

Being in the right car, the right championship, with the right engineer at the right time. We work with the driver and family to build a structured career pathway on a 3-5 year basis to ensure the driver is on the right trajectory to achieve the results to advance.

Budget Management

Planning the costs against the budget available and managing spend efficiently.

Working to the same 3-5 year plan, budget management is as much about ensuring every spend is of value, but also understanding how best to allocate budget across the plan to achieve this maximum value and end result.

Procurement and management of racing and testing programmes

This includes negotiation and legal work, structured understanding of the goals and objectives of each session and planning how best to optimise the days.

Development Overview

Understanding strengths and weaknesses to ensure a relevant plan is in place.

Working directly with the Kokoro Performance Coaching Team, the management role is to ensure the development is continuous and works in synergy with the team to maximise the drivers output on track and is preparing the driver in the best way to open avenues for opportunity.

Fitness Overview

Ensure the driver is racing fit and ready for what lies ahead, eg. next category.

Working with both internal and external fitness partners, the managers role is to ensure the driver is physically prepared for the next step and works with the driver to ensure the team around him are working towards this same fitness goal.

Managing the race team

Ensuring the driver is always being treated with the respect and equal treatment as all other team members.

The extends to ensuring the team act to the contract and deliver on the deliverables outlined.


Championing the driver

Flying the flag and promoting the driver to open doors and opportunities is what the management team do best, optimising every opportunity to network and open the doors to opportunities to further the drivers career.

This extends to sponsor negotiations and opportunities and media exposure and overview of the drivers socials.