Driver Development


The Foundation of Driver Development

Away from the track, a simulated environment offers the best solution for continued driver development.

We offer 1-to-1 simulator sessions at our bespoke facility or remote sessions from the comfort of home, and we regularly organise group sessions between our roster of drivers and coaches for competition and team-building exercises.

Learn Away from the Circuit

Using the simulators as a tool to train specific driver skills, run measurable drills and draw live data on specific areas of a driver, our team of coaches are able to measure against an AI driver the level in all measurable areas of the driver and build a structured plan to be executed with the Kokoro Performance team both in-house, and remotely.

Deliver on the Circuit

A Kokoro Athlete has a day-to-day program they will work on away from working with the coaches with a constant data upload to the Kokoro Portal to allow development to be a continuous process, minimising costs and increasing the level of preparation of the driver to maximise the value on the track when testing applying the knowledge we have taken from the Sim and deliver on the circuit.

Working remotely

The use of remote sim also allows for the coaches to monitor and tweak the development program of the driver without the need for in-person work.

While time in office is used to reassess the baseline of the driver and work on specific areas of development.

Race weekend Preparation

The simulators and our coaches will also use the simulators to prepare for race weekends with session simulations, risk analysis, and pressure running to best prepare the driver from a technical driving standpoint and a mental preparation one also.


The Assessment

The foundation of all the development, both in-house and on track is the Kokoro driver assesment, which provides the data and foundation to build the bespoke development program for the driver.